Solution that ensures 100% financial security for all programmatic market players

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Programmatic network

Bidscube Community is a unique project at BidsCube technology ecosystem that provides direct and seamless transmission of exclusive traffic and demand. Thanks to the efficient step-by-step automation of each programmatic trading operation, the solution ensures the highest auction speed for all Bidscube Community partners. We do not require commissions or admission fees, and we guarantee timely payments to each participant.

Effective solution

Bidscube Community is a network of openRTB companies united to boost the efficiency of programmatic advertising. Thanks to the maximum automation and acceleration of all business processes in the openRTB market, our technological solution ensures steady income growth and guarantees financial security for each player on the programmatic market. Less middlemen - more profits.

Bidscube Community in numbers

million QPS
billion impressions
$ 6000000
monthly ad spend on the platform
successful partners
technical and account support
secure and timely payments guaranteed
Only 3 steps

How does it work?

Step # 1

We discuss individual conditions to quickly achieve your goals and sign a contract.

Step # 2

After signing the contract, Bidscube technicians integrate your platform into our programmatic ecosystem.

Step # 3

Start trading traffic directly with over 250 BidsCube community partners.

How it works

Artificial intelligence guided by
human experience

Bidscube's technical team has developed one of the best Artificial Intelligence techs in the industry for improving your ad performance. It works on machine learning algorithms and provides the most accurate targeting for all types of campaigns.

To help you to take advantage of these benefits, the AI is reviewed and managed by a team of account managers. At Bidscube, we believe that the successful integration of human experience and the unique capabilities of the newest technology is the key to achieving the best results for each member of the ecosystem.

Safety First

Guaranteed protection
for each participant

The main goal of Bidscube Community is to create a 100% secure space for all participants in the programmatic ecosystem. Two independent scanners and a special department of account managers check all traffic and demand 24 hours a day. Our specialists also moderate all creatives and block poor-quality ads.
Moreover, unlike competitors, we take on all financial risks when connecting new partners and guarantee the protection of the interests of each participant for a stable trading environment.

Our advantages

A single contract

protected by the Bidscube Community financial guarantee.

The shortest path

to premium traffic and demand for small SSPs, DSPs and AdX

Seamless collaboration

of BidsCube WLS partners and other programmatic companies

Get in touch

Become a partner

Now, to earn more with programmatic, you don't need to waste lots of time and resources. To make the first step all you have to do is to fill in your contact data - and let's find the best solution for your business.

    Revolutionary solution

    SSP plugin

    Bidscube SSP plugin is a free alternative to the classic SSP that allows every owner of Bidscube White Label Solutions to connect their partners directly into their ecosystem.

    By monetizing your traffic in the secure environment of the Bidscube Community you can forget about the middlemen and extra commissions.

    The offer includes

    Key values
    Bidscube Сommunity

    5 ad formats

    We support the four most common ad formats such as Banner, Video, Native, Connected TV and Programmatic audio.

    3 types of traffic

    At Bidscube , you can buy high-quality traffic of three types: Desktop, In-app, Mobile web.

    Saving resources

    Our solution allows you to delegate new integrations and account management. By signing just one contract, you can fully focus on developing your business while we will do the rest for you.

    100% transparency

    Our qualified account managers filter all traffic and demand using two scanners and moderate all ad creatives.

    Financial protection

    We take on all the risks when connecting new partners, so we guarantee 100% timely and secure payments.

    Increased profits

    Even more opportunities to get unique premium traffic and demand from direct partners without commissions and intermediaries - a huge diversified customer database is available to each participant.

    Artificial Intelligence

    One of the strongest AI in the industry, led by savvy experts, will help you to launch even more effective campaigns. With this tool, you can always be sure that your audience will receive only relevant ads at the right time and in the right place.

    Technical support

    We provide 24/7 support and take care of all the integration work in the platform. Each partner receives a separate server for guaranteed reliability and stability in the ecosystem. Our technical specialists work 24/7 and are always ready to solve any of your problems.